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Nielsen BookData Information Services
Nielsen BookData has a history and reputation for providing high-quality information for books (and other published media) in a timely, accurate and comprehensive form for all English-language titles published worldwide. Nielsen collects title information from publishers in over 70 countries, including the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and we work with data providers in the US to ensure we supply the most comprehensive listing of titles regardless of the publisher’s size, location or speciality. Last year we added 818,000new titles to our database and made 35 million changes to price and availability. We then aggregate the data to provide a succinct title record; this information is then available in a range of services to booksellers, wholesalers and other organizations worldwide.

BookData Search and selection services
Our Nielsen BookData Information Services are available in a variety of formats and frequencies: Online or Data Feed, and allows you access to our database, giving you the most up-to-date information. These services are designed to meet the needs of the professional user whether you need to answer a customer query or check sales performance of a title to assist your purchasing decisions.

We work with all the leading system suppliers to ensure that our data can integrate seamlessly with your shop system – for further information on integration please contact our sales department: email: or click here to download our Booksellers Brochure.

BookData Online with BookNet Ordering - a one-stop shop
Our online service enables you to search, discover and verify book titles quickly, efficiently and accurately saving time and money. The intuitive functionality allows search results to be shared within your system, by email or print, and streamline your ordering process. Tailored access levels are available from single sites to multiple locations.  Nielsen BookData Online now includes Ordering and Order Tracking* (Powered by BookNet TeleOrdering) and Nielsen BookScan sales ranking.  For more information, email:

You can choose between UK or global coverage:
UK Coverage:
Over 7.7 million unique ISBNs published or distributed in the UK and Ireland
Global coverage: Over 22.5 million unique ISBNs published in the UK, Ireland, Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well as data from a further 70 countries.

One source for search, checking and selection, sales ranking and ordering

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Nielsen BookData Search and Selection tools
If you cannot use online services but need to have access to timely search and selection tools, then please contact our Customer Services Department:


 *You will need a SAN (Standard Address Number) to access this facility.

Some of our services offer a FREE trial. Contact our Sales Department for details, email: Please note our services are professional tools for booksellers and wholesalers and are sold on a subscription basis. Our free trials (where applicable) are therefore only available to booksellers and wholesalers.

BookData Record Supply Service – delivered in a variety of formats
Enrich your website with up to 10.9 million jacket/cover images and 18.6 million title records including descriptions and Tables of Contents for UK, US, in-print, forthcoming and out-of-print titles. The data is supplied in a tailored format according to your requirements.

We present our records in a concise manner – each record carries all territorial and pricing information for each market under one unique ISBN.


The service allows you to access a pre-agreed data set and collect only the data required, when you want it and receive only the fields you need, as a daily or weekly update, in a wide variety of formats including CSV, XML and ONIX.

For further information or for details on our Website Enrichment Service, email:

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