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Nielsen BookData is the leading provider of information for books and other published media providing timely, accurate and comprehensive data for English-language titles published worldwide. Title information is collected from publishers in over 70 countries to ensure the most comprehensive listing of English-language titles regardless of the publisher’s size, location or speciality.

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BookData Online – Search and selection
Our online service enables you to search, discover and verify book titles quickly, efficiently and accurately saving time and money. The intuitive functionality allows search results to be shared within your system, by email or print and streamline your ordering and cataloguing processes. Tailored access levels are available from single sites to multiple locations.

You can choose between UK or global coverage:
UK Coverage: Over 7.7 million unique ISBNs published or distributed in the UK and Ireland
Global coverage: Over 22.5 million unique ISBNs published in the UK, Ireland, Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well as data from a further 70 countries. 

One source for search, checking and selection 

Benefits include:

  • Ability to download UKMARC and MARC21 records
  • Sort search results by BookScan chart position
  • Order from over 60,000 suppliers.

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We work closely with major library system suppliers so that our services can link seamlessly with your internal systems.

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Nielsen adds new WorldCat® link to Nielsen BookData Online

In response to customer demand Nielsen has developed an exciting new feature specifically for its library customers.

Many libraries use a range of bibliographic tools and often need to switch between them. To help streamline this process, users can now link directly to records in, from within the Nielsen BookData Online full page, by clicking on the logo. This feature is unique to our service.

Nielsen BookData Online and WorldCat®

WorldCat link in Nielsen BookData Online and how to benefit from this service link

Nielsen BookData Online is available to schools and colleges for a specially reduced price. To find out more click here 

If you cannot use online services but need to have access to timely search and selection tools, then please contact our Customer Services Department:

Some of our services offer a FREE trial. Contact our Sales Department for details, email: 
Please note our services are professional tools for libraries and library suppliers and are sold on a subscription basis. Our free trials (where applicable) are therefore only available to libraries and library suppliers.

BookData MARC – a flexible cataloguing service
We are the only provider able to supply library quality MARC records from our comprehensive database for over 18.6 million English-language titles through a flexible data feed. The service lists titles published all over the world, with the latest price and availability, delivering an unrivalled source of UKMARC and MARC21 data.

The service offers several unique advantages:

  • Comprehensive international coverage from the UK, Ireland, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and US
  • Descriptive content including short and long descriptions, audience levels, literary awards and Tables of Contents
  • Up-to-date information with over 818,000 new records added and 35 million price and availability changes made each year
  • Timely data at least 16 weeks ahead of publication date from over 60,000 publishers – large and small.

We can deliver all the information you need for current and retrospective cataloguing providing a consistent and cost efficient service for cataloguers. 

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BookData Multimedia MARC – Music and Video data in MARC format
Nielsen BookData Multimedia MARC provides library quality MARC records from Rovi's (formerly MUZE Europe) extensive database of music and video titles published in the UK and Europe. The service delivers an unrivalled source of UKMARC and MARC21 data for music and videos from one consistent source allowing you to search, select, order and catalogue multimedia items.

The service offers several unique advantages:

  • Comprehensive coverage: all upcoming, available and deleted music and video titles from the Rovi database
  • Descriptive content: includes track listings, performer and production credits for music records. Video records include rental/retail status, DVD special features listing, cast and production credits.
  • Up-to-date information: over 31,000 new records added each year
  • Timely data: major music titles available eight weeks ahead of release and major video releases available twelve weeks ahead of release.

Nielsen BookData Multimedia MARC is available as a weekly or monthly data feed of new records. 

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BookData Record Supply Service - delivered in a variety of formats
Enrich your OPAC system with up to 12 million jacket/cover images and over 22.5 million title records including descriptions and Tables of Contents for UK, US, in print, forthcoming and out-of-print titles. The data is supplied in a tailored format according to your requirements.

We present our records in a concise manner – each record carries all territorial and pricing information for each market under one unique ISBN.

Features: Benefits
  • Unique database of English-language books published worldwide
  • The most authoritative and comprehensive book information available
  • Rich data: jacket/cover images, author biographies and reviews ensuring your users get the most from the service
  • Tried and tested - highly regarded by professional library staff and customers
  • Working with all the leading library system suppliers in the UK and worldwide
  • Tailored service to meet your needs - with frequent up-dates (daily or weekly)
  • Most cost effective service available
  • Saving you time sourcing titles
  • Enhancing the service you offer your customers
  • Providing high levels of service (and support during normal office hours)
  • Ensuring compatibility with your library management system
  • Ensuring accuracy at all times
  • Making the most efficient use of your budgets
  • Improved working practices

The service allows you to access a pre-agreed data set and collect only the data required, when you want it and receive only the fields you need, as a daily or weekly update, in a wide variety of formats including CSV, XML and ONIX.

For further information Nielsen BookData Catalogue Enrichment

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Please note our Catalogue Enrichment and Web Services involve a set-up process. Advice and full documentation is available from our Sales Department. 

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