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Nielsen Book2Look is a book widget with search-inside functionality - click on the image above to see the widget in action and find out more.

The most advanced online marketing tool available for publishers

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Nielsen Book2Look is a book widget with search-inside functionality.

  • Use the Book2Look widget to market your titles via a myriad of social media including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest 
  • Link Book2Look widgets directly to online reviews and take advantage of live Twitter feeds allowing users to highlight and share passages
  • Reports can be run by your marketing and PR teams to track progress across social networks to judge your success
  • Generate QR codes
  • Add video, audio, links and reviews
  • Author accounts allow your authors to access create and edit ‘Biblets’

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Nielsen PubWeb has been replaced with Nielsen Title Editor - the online editing service for data suppliers you can register here for Nielsen Title Editor

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The importance of good quality book data
Welcome to the Nielsen book product website - please note the search box in the top right hand corner is available to search this website, not any of our data services.

At Nielsen Book our aim is to help publishers by disseminating information about your titles to booksellers and libraries worldwide. Our products have sophisticated search functionality and enriched data, allowing book buyers searching for your titles to find what they want quickly and easily. We provide information and transaction services to bookseller and library customers worldwide. Nielsen Book also provides services to analyse your sales providing invaluable market and consumer research. We also run the ISBN Agency for the UK and Ireland.

New Publishers:
Important Information for Publishers

Nielsen Services for Independent Publishers

 Listing Services
Free Title Listing:
Nielsen Book offers a free listing service to all publishers of English-language books regardless of location, size or genre. This service allows you to display basic information for each of your titles, which is aggregated and then disseminated through our services to your customers worldwide.

By providing timely, accurate and complete information for your titles you use our service as a shop window for your publications, allowing book buyers the opportunity to make informed buying decisions based on the information available. This information is essential for book buyers and acquisition librarians all over the world who use our services every day.

In order to be eligible for inclusion on our database and our services, your books and related products must:

  • have an appropriate, valid and correctly applied standard identifier (e.g. ISBN, EAN)
  • be distributed through the book and library trade in the UK, Ireland, key English-language countries or other markets of importance to booksellers and libraries.  

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    To see our Standard Terms and Conditions click here
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For further information of how to supply: Digital, Large Print and Audio books


Enhanced Service - fee based subscription service:

New - Nielsen ISBN Store - you can now purchase a fixed rate annual Enhanced Service subscription online:

Subscribing to the Nielsen BookData Enhanced Service ensures that your titles really stand out from the rest. In such a competitive market your titles need an edge and the Nielsen BookData Enhanced Service provides a rich book record that allows buyers to make informed purchasing decisions.

The Benefits:
You will have access to Nielsen's editorial services to manage your information, ensuring accuracy, consistency, timeliness and completeness of your records, giving your titles more prominence when viewed by buyers around the world.

Publishers large and small can rely on Nielsen Book to aggregate their book information ensuring accuracy and consistency and be confident that we can supply the information to thousands of your customers worldwide in a wide variety of formats and frequencies, so you can get on with the task of publishing and distributing the best books.

An annual subscription is payable and based on a 'per title' basis for new and backlist publications (including digital product). Our Standard Terms and Conditions for the supply of information by data suppliers and how this is disseminated are available on this website.

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To view our Nielsen BookData Enhanced Service flyer. To view Angell Eurosales case study.  Click here to see our client endorsement

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Supplying data and images
We accept data in a variety of formats:

  • Electronically
  • Online
  • Printed material

Our Data Analysis & Integration team works closely with publishers to advise on the best practice and use of technology to provide information electronically. We also ensure standards are met in the provision of information; test feeds and ensuring accuracy and consistency. Our experienced team is on hand to help you provide your information in electronic format whatever your capabilities. Click here for more information on how to supply data.

The primary requirements for any supply of data in electronic form are:

  • Product Data must be presented in a structured file with each element sufficiently delimited to allow import to our database
  • Data structure and any code lists used are clearly documented
  • Files are supplied to an agreed regular schedule following a period of import testing and an initial 'full load'. 
    To submit information electronically - please click here for more information and click here for our guidelines to supplying electronic feeds.

    Publishers/suppliers and other organisations wishing to supply a large volume of product data (1,000 records and above) to the Nielsen Book database should note that this will incur a cost.  For further information and a quote, please contact Clive Herbert, Head of Publisher Services:

ONIX (Online Information Exchange) is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form. As such, it is Nielsen’s preferred message format for receiving rich product information from publishers and we have been involved with ONIX for Books from the outset. ONIX can be used by publishers of all sizes and at varying levels of complexity. Our editorial and technical staff have worked with publishers such as HarperCollins, Bloomsbury, CUP and many others to help them implement the standard and we now receive regular information in ONIX form from 300 publishers.

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For further information on Nielsen Book's preferred format and guidelines: click here
 For information on supplying price and availability data, click here  and for our P & A guidelines click here or go to

Nielsen Title Editor - Editing Service for publishers

Nielsen Title Editor is free to all publishers and allows you to input your titles, change or amend details quickly and efficiently to ensure that vital information about your books reaches booksellers and libraries worldwide at the earliest opportunity. You can also up-load your jacket/cover images directly onto Nielsen Title Editor.

For further information: Nielsen Title Editor or to register for  
Nielsen Title Editor  if you need further information or help contact our Publisher Help Desk:

Jackets/Cover Images
The jacket/cover image is a critical element of the book information we provide, and an essential selling tool for you; we therefore accept these from all publishers for inclusion on our database free of charge. Images up to 2MB in size can be sent by email.

For further information click here or email:

Owing to space restraints on some  Nielsen BookData information services, Nielsen will include images at its discretion.

Change your distributor details
To download the Full Distributor change of details form, click here, and click here for the Partial Distributor change of details form.  Click here for instructions

Jacket/cover images

For further information on the various formats for the supply of information, click here

All our services rely on timely, accurate information from you in order that we can provide the high-quality, timely information about your books to your customers. Please ensure your data is up-to-date and keep us fully informed of changes.

Standards Matter
BIC Basic

BIC Basic is a set of standards developed in the UK by Book Industry Communication. It sets a standard for the minimum product information that publishers should supply for a book and provides guidelines and a timetable for supplying this information to trading partners. Major retailers want to have new product information at least 20 weeks before publication. That means you need to provide the data to us at least 6 months before publication.

A new and updated user guidelines for the BIC classification scheme (Release 2) have now been posted on the website, please click here.

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Search and Selection Services from Nielsen BookData
BookData Online
Using our Nielsen BookData Online service enables you to see how your titles are presented to booksellers and libraries worldwide and what is being published by your competitors – if you are a subscribing publisher you can have access to the service at a special price.

Multiple users and multiple site access are also available, which means you can make Nielsen BookData Online available to a number of users or across a number of sites. This service is a must for sales, marketing, editorial and management staff and used alongside Nielsen BookScan sales data is an essential business tool when making acquisition and reprint decisions.

For further information click here or for the features and benefits statement click hereTo trial the service FREE click on the Nielsen BookData Online button on the right of your screen. 

BookData MARC Service for Publishers
The expertise of Nielsen’s editorial and classification teams, along with our extensive knowledge of the library market, allows us to offer a high quality MARC service for your titles, making it simple for you to provide your customers with a service tailored to their requirements.

  • Are you confused about library quality standards?
  • Do you need MARC data for your e-book platform?

Whether you are looking for MARC records for your e-book collection or for your print editions we can supply a service to meet your needs. For further information please click here or contact our Library Sales team: 

Other Publisher Services available within the group:

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